DietPi for RockPi 4

Hi Guys!

I have recently received a RockPi 4B v1.3 board and wanted to run DietPi on it. Unfortunately the link to the image on website does not work, so I found the correct(?) one via Radxa websiite in this location:

I have burned it with etcher without any errors, but the SBC does not want to start. Any ideas where to find the correct one or what to do?

Thank you for any help.


yap the image was moved from testing to stable a couple of weeks back. Here you can find all stable images

To analyse your issues, it would be good if you cold attach a screen. At least to see if and what happen. Without error messages, it would be hard to analyse

on the link for RockPi 4 image is still pointing to testing. pls can you have a look and update it? :smiley:

Are you using the SD or eMMC?
I had a few issues with eMMC, mainly because it was not seated properly.
But regardless of that, what do you see on the screen?

Currently I’m using SD card, an eMMC card is on my way now.

There’s not much to show as screen dump, because SBC does not start on the written image. The Read/Write diode does not blink like normally can be seen when system boots up. Also the monitor screen is black. Other systems like for instance Android boots up without issues.

Does anyone of you is using system written from this image and can confirm that it is working properly?

Don’t know if it is relevant, but I’m using RPI4 power supply.

I am using the eMMC now, but I remember I first boot it with SD, while waiting for the eMMC adapter to arrive.
I don’t recall if there was output on the screen or not. I use my RockPi headless so as long as it acquired an IP from DHCP server I logged into it with SSH. Also the blindingly bright green led doesn’t blink from what I remember.

Whoopsie, thanks for the hint. I’ll update the download link.