Dietpi for Orange Pi Zero H2

After trying install the new version (DietPi_OPiZeroH2-ARMv7-Stretch) of the image it does not work.

Nothing happens when switch on the board. Re-installed the old version (DietPi_OrangePiZero-armv7-(Jessie)) and everithing OK.

Anyone with the same problem?

Board: Orange Pi Zero H2 256mb

What? Nobody? :thinking:

Did you set the dietpi.txt for auto install?

I found that on my OPIZero I had to go further down and set the “headless” option as well

I´m using the 6.1 image in a OPi0 H2 512Mb without any big issues (one smaller problem with the sound card, already solved!)
SDCard flashed with Etcher (Mac).
SSH via LAN. It takes a little while to start, a minute or so…