DietPi for Odroid N2?

Hello, I was considering buying an Odroid N1, but looks like only has the next generation N2. Is the current DietPi software compatible with it? The same goes for Odroid C1+. Thank you.

I also have the same question that I need answer of. Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Jep Odroid N1 has been cancelled by hardkernel before mass production started.

We have a test image available for Odroid N2:

AFAIK our Odroid C1 image works on C1+ as well, but note that support will be dropped soon as until now we did not manage to create a Stretch image. It is possible but lacks major features (GPU support) as kernel development has been halted by hardkernel:

I just received my Odroid N2 yesterday but I could not get it to boot with the image from GitHub. I tried both the eMMC and SD card with the same results. As a check, I grabbed the Ubuntu image from Hardkernel, flashed the same eMMC and it booted up. Looking forward to getting DietPi on the N2.

Wondering if I can offer and help in testing the image or waiting patiently for the next release!


Something seems to have changed with the bootloader. We will provide an updated image soon.

Meanwhile, if possible could you provide the boot log/output so we can see where exactly it hangs?

Thanks for finding the issue. Unfortunately, I don’t have a console to get any output and the HDMI output has nothing.