Dietpi Firewall

Is there some kind of firewall running on DietPi?

i’ve ran this and new records get added later automatically:

iptables-legacy -P INPUT ACCEPT
iptables-legacy -P FORWARD ACCEPT
iptables-legacy -P OUTPUT ACCEPT
iptables-legacy -t nat -F
iptables-legacy -t mangle -F
iptables-legacy -F
iptables-legacy -X

I’m trying to run K3S and host services, but i can’t connect to the nodeport externally (but i can hit the port if i ssh into the host itself).
Firewall related : [

by default, DietPi did not contain a Firewall. Thinks like this would need to be installed by the user.

Not really sure but i have it working.
Maybe something else was going on.

Honestly the easiest way to setup a “stateful” firewall with pinholes for SSH and (insert other services here) would be to install UFW
By default the above install allows all out, and blocks all in except port 22 for ssh and those that have been initiated from the machine itself), simple commands allow whatever you want thru from then

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