Dietpi fail to find eithernet connection at boot time

Makes sense up to a certain degree, if it’s really different things. For the pure coding changes I can understand it, for the other thing not really, as it addresses one and the same issue. I’d have no problem with it, when knowing that the second change is still a matter of discussion, and if both resulting PRs would not be overwritten by a follow up change that can be foreseen already. But I get a blame when trying the check that in the first place. After all it’s more about the tone than about the what, I guess. I know I’ve a too strong opinion as well that doesn’t help. But I contribute to dozens of projects and never faced any comparable issues, never have problems to understand when/why a maintainer needs my PR changed, never run into any discussion, which is the strongest argument for myself that its at least not only my bullhead in this case. Also I never faced any issue with any other Pi-hole developer. I’m always happy when they merge a PR before Dan kicks in, as then it’s nearly guaranteed to be delayed, causing us all additional efforts. There is another PR hanging for a year now, because he added some “This will break things” statements, ignoring any prove of the opposite, and as it should have been a companion for other PRs on the other Pi-hole orga repos, which have long been merged, this may earlier or later cause issues. But any attempt to have this information recognised is simply ignored.

It’s hard but I need to learn being silent and either follow him or simply close the PR once I get the impression that time and nerves are wasted with a discussion :slight_smile:.

solution be going for a drink together. Usually this could fix such issues :wink:

Possibly, but he literally lives at the other end of the world (Australia) :open_mouth:.

still a missing part of the globe on my agenda :smiley:

Just wanted to report that I had a similar issue as OP, accidentally removed iproute2 when uninstalling PiHole.

Network went down the drain but thanks to the detailed instructions you provided I managed to add back the missing packages: libxtables, libmli0, libcap2, libdns, libisc, iproute2, isc-dhcp and ifupdown.

Wouldn’t work on reboot so I gave it a day, plugged in an ethernet cable and now everything works.

Many thanks for your wonderful support.

thx for sharing, we still try to convince PiHole guys to remove this dangerous function. :sunglasses: