DietPi Drive_Manager adding NFS server

I have an NFS share located at server.local:/Multimedia

I want to use dietpi-drive_manager to mount the NFS share. But I must be doing something wrong, because I can’t seem to add the share with the correct syntax.

The drive_manager front end is asking me to add the NFS server’s IP address. Doing so results in a successful connection to the server, but not the NFS share, so the mounted folder is pointing to the wrong location and has nothing in it.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to add the full path to the share. If I try entering the path to the NFS share when asked to enter the IP address or hostname, the connection fails. It’s always adding a “:/” to whatever I enter, so the path ends up being incorrect.

If I exit out of dietpi-drive_manager, I’m able to mount the NFS share without an issue from the command line using the mount command.

What am I doing wrong?

What am I doing wrong?


Actually it is not possible to mount anything else than the root folder. To mount a sub folder, you would need to adjust /etc/fstab afterwards to be able to enter the correct path value.

But there is a good news, this behavior will change on next release and we will automatically detect available NFS shares.

Thanks for your response! Glad to hear there’s a workaround, and even an improvement coming in the future!

yes, the improvement is available on current BETA already :wink: