DietPi Disk Usage at 2.0GB+

I just updated to latest Dietpi today, and I am finally wanting to address the growing disk usage.

It is running 2.0GB+. Is this really the right size for Dietpi?

I do have these packages installed but it seems high still:

  • Firefox
  • Vivaldi
  • BTRFS + tools
  • VNC
  • LeafPad
  • gParted
  • BleachBit
  • ScreenSaver
  • Xarchiver
  • Terminator (Terminal)


Plain DietPi alone is around 600mb, then you run also a desktop environment, which is around 2GB alone.

  • some apps and the data they accumulate (e.g. firefox cache).
    2GB seems legit to me.

Do you think it should be more or less? :grinning:

I’m thinking it should be less (I just have the browsers there if needed and do not use). I’ve checked the cache folders for each browser and this only seems to add up to 100-200mb.

I didn’t realize the GUI would account for 2GB of space.

DietPi themselves are just bash scripts located within /boot/dietpi. The rest is Debian or Armbian OS. Size depends on your software title installed. Using a desktop is already some larger thing, that of course needs some disk space.

It appears your lib directory is almost a gig…libs are the pre-requisites needed to get many apps working…some of them need ALOT of libs…