DietPi Config ASUS TB heartbeat-led

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I use DietPi in my ASUS ASUS Tinker Board.

To stop ASUS TB heartbeat led from flashing I change heartbeat-led option in DietPi Config (Display Options → LED Control) to “none” (“DietPi Config ASUS TB LED HB Off.png”). It works perfectly but as soon as I reboot the board it changes back to “heartbeat” (“DietPi Config ASUS TB LED HB On.png”).

Can you please tell me if there’s a way to make option “none” reboot resistant?

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Paulo Reis


many thanks for your message. Looks like similar to this post
Even it’s not the same board, but somehow LED settings reverted back to default on reboot.

Many thanks for your report. LED triggers should be applied via udev rules on early boot once those are recognised. Can you please do the following after a reboot with LEDs back to default:

cat /etc/udev/rules.d/dietpi-led_control.rules
cat /sys/class/leds/led{0,1}/trigger
udevadm trigger -c add /sys/class/leds/led0
udevadm trigger -c add /sys/class/leds/led1
cat /sys/class/leds/led{0,1}/trigger

A fix will implemented with coming DietPi version v6.31

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your quick reply, and specially for DietPi.

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Paulo Reis