DietPi Build Instructions, or Layer over base Debian Image?


I’m loving DietPi on my new Pine64. It handles all of the maintenance and optimizations needed so I can concentrate on using the Pine64 for its intended purpose.

But there’s the rub: I need a 32 bit OS (to install/maintain Ubiquiti Unifi Controller via their repo’s).

Given that I can get just about around in Linux/Debian but am far from a guru:

  1. Are there instructions that would allow me to build DietPi for 32-bit on the Pine64?

  2. If not option 1, is it possible to add the dietpi scripts/ and packages to a Debian (or Ubuntu) base image?
    I see everything in GitHub but am not sure on how to use it.


PS: @Fourdee and the other project contributors - thank’s for all that you do. I know that much of these optimizations are available through manual commands, but DietPi is dead simple and pleasure to use.

Looks like I’m up ahem’s creek.

All images I’ve found out there are 64 bit.

So less to solve my problem and now more a question of interest, is there a walkthrough for applying the wonder of DietPi to a basic os image?

Hi Jordan,

All you need to prep a system for DietPi is a Debian Jessie minimal image (Ubuntu is not supported due to its vast number of different dependencies). Then you’ll need to run through the commands here, to set it ready and optimize it for DietPi:

If the UniFi software is a .deb package, you could try multi-arch on the 64bit OS.

Off the top of my head:

dpkg --add-architecture armhf
apt-get update

#Install the WiFi package
dpkg -i WiFiPackage.deb

#At this stage it will complain about missing dependencies, try
apt-get install -f

It may work, it may not, it may need more changes. But only way to know is try :slight_smile: