Dietpi backuping it to Freenas


Its not really an issue, but i am asking in case somebody already implemented it.
I am still waiting for itx motherboard so didnt setup Freenas yet.

I have Dietpi On Odroid HC1 running motioneye, transmission, nordvpn and ftp. Will eventually run syntching or owncloud or both.
I know motioneye can save pictures movies to remote location, but would rather save on disk that HC1 is using and then backup syntch with Freenas server. What is being downloaded with transmission is not worth back uping how ever files in own cloud and syntching will be.

Should i use syntching since Freenas also has it or did any1 implement it some other way?
Yes i know syntching isnt a backup solution, how ever its minuses could be offset with ZFS snapshots on Freenas.

Any idea or recommendations are very welcome.

What I can say is that ownCloud is not usable for backups that way. It requires files to be added internally, via its clients, web UI, webdav and such. You cannot e.g. edit files within ownCloud data dir manually (outside of ownCloud interfaces), because it has an internal file index in database which is not aware of any manual edits.

Syncthing on the other hand has a file system watcher active (as long as not disabled manually), hence it is able to track manual edits.

But yeah, as pure backup solution, both is not ideal/an overkill. rsync based cron jobs or systemd timers, which allow remote and local backup/sync, with MUCH less overhead, make more sense, as long as you do not need other features that Syncthing or ownCloud provide.