DietPi Backup/Restore for FTP/Cloud


Since i use some Beta Softwares, like PiHole 5.0, i use DietPi Backup System alot (Works very good so far). But it i pssible to .tar/.gz it the backup and send to an Cloud Adress (via FTP or a Cloud Service) via a Simple Script?


  1. Using Dietpi-Backup
  2. .Tar/.gz it without delete or change the Normal Backup progress with Dietpi-Backup (Means Leave the DietPi-Backups as now)
  3. Transfer the Backup.tar/.gz to another Folder (Like /home/user/backups)
  4. Upload the Backup.tar/.gz to an FTP Adress (with Login) or a Cloud Service
  5. Done


  1. Get the Backup.tar/.gz from what i used as Save (FTP with Login or Cloud Service)
  2. unpack it and override the DietPi-Backup Files
  3. use the Restore Backup with DietPi-Backup
  4. Done

It can be 2 Simple Scripts like

or such an Script
./rpibackup backup / restore

Would be nice if someone have such a thing.

Thanks for Reading and please stay safe and wash your hands.


Maybe this forum post could help you

It’s maybe not 100% what you are looking for but it offers a possibility to move backups later on