Dietpi-backup, remove dry run pls?

please can you make an option to skip dry run? I’ve removed that part from the script for myself, but everytime there is a update, it gets back…

as I’m backuping to the NAS, there is always space and thus I don’t need to have a dry run first. It takes ages on older rPI to get this done.


The dry-run is used to estimate the required disk space, but it isn’t precise for at least NFS mounts anyway: We add one block size for each file and directory to cover the worst case, but NFS reports some internal transfer block size, which is much larger, instead of the actual target filesystem’s block size. So yeah it might be feasible to allow disabling this, at least for NFS. When the backup fails, users will anyway want to get some free space and rerun, whether it failed during dry-run or actual sync.

would be superb! thank you so much!

Hi @MichaIng any possible update on this? … much thank you!

I opened an issue on GitHub now, to not forget it for next release: DietPi-Backup | (Optionally) skip dry run on NFS mounts · Issue #5909 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

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Done: v8.12 · MichaIng/DietPi@5875aaa · GitHub

The space check/dry run is now disabled by default, and it can be enabled. I think this is fine, since it is usually not mission critical if a backup drive runs full, compared to a system drive. And rsync transparently fails and shows a meaningful error on insufficient free space, so one can react immediately by removing some older iterations or other stuff.

thank you very much, this will help a lot!