dietpi-backup not excluding directories

I’m having issues making dietpi-backup to exclude directories from my user data folder.

This is my /DietPi/dietpi/.dietpi-backup_exclude file


When running dietpi-backup I can see it adds my directories to the ‘exclude list’ at /tmp/.dietpi-backup_inc_exc_list

/mnt/data/dietpi_userdata is my custom user data location.

Any idea how can I debug and find the problem?



You need to do it this way, using additional / at the end, else rsync treats it as a file I believe:


Thanks for the help. I tried this but didn’t work.

After looking at the dietpi-backup code it looks I can’t exclude directories when it’s doing a user data backup, it only works for a system backup :frowning:

#rsync options

Ah, Thanks.

We’ll get this resolved for v6.10, most likley have 2 new files, one for userdata and one for system. Both having include/exclude in the same file using - and +.


Thank you ! :slight_smile: