DietPi backup deletion messed up my Nextcloud

Hi guys, I just screwed up.

The hardware I use to run DietPi: rpi3 + an external HDD configured as user data space. I’m facing an issue with my Nextcloud installation.

Before upgrading to DietPi v6.5 rolling update, I figured to make a backup of my system and userdata with dietpi-backup tool. However, because I didn’t specify backup path where my user_data and system should be saved, my rootfs partition got 0 free space leaving me unable to upgrade.

So I manually deleted /mnt/dietpi-backup/ from SD card, plugged it back to rpi3 and now going to my Nextcloud’s address I am being greeted with a post installation “create an admin account” screen.

I am freaked out, what should I do to regain access to my data, please help!

Hmm, maybe the full sd card somehow broke MariaDB, on the other hand, all services are shut down before dietpi-backup run.

So let’s trace from the beginning. Please post the results:

cat /var/www/nextcloud/config.php
ls -al /var/lib/mysql /mnt/dietpi_userdata/mysql /mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data
mariadb -e 'show tables from nextcloud'

And check for MariaDB errors:

journalctl -u mysql

A weird situation indeed. However, couldn’t help myself so I accessed my data over ftp, backed up everything and just made a fresh install. Thanks for the fast reply though and sorry for wasting your time.