dietpi-backup 1


Is there a parameter/switch that i can add to “dietpi-backup 1” so that it will not ask to show the log and continue starting up all the services after the backup is done?



You can currently workaround by setting G_USER_INPUTS=0 which will auto-answer the whiptail questions with “no”. E.g. within script, use: G_USER_INPUTS=0 /DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-backup 1

Maybe we should expect/set this automatically, when dietpi-backup is called with argument 1 or -1. If user wants do to a backup interactively from terminal, usually one would start it from menu without argument?

What I already wanted to implement for a longer time: A verbose setting to either always show the log setting or never, and by this skip the question. The need to answer the question two times every backup run (once for dry run, once for real rsync) is somehow annoying.
Another thing is, if an error occurs during rsync. I think then the logfile should always directly show up to check.

thnx! (and good ideas!)