DietPi-Automation Beta. Testers needed!

Hi all,

In need of some testers for DietPi-Automation.
More info here:


Would love to see the option to choose between FTP applications, I much prefer vsftp to proftp. I would also love if the auto boot also updated the firmware. Another awesome addition would be the ability to automatically run the USB setup. In my current usage I have a script to run that runs the set up and automatically chooses y for all of the formatting questions but that is a bit of a hassle and would be awesome if that could be automated.

Hi Fourdee,

If you would make this awesome feature available for wheezy, i would test the living hell out of it…

The Project i am working on makes me mess up a lot of stuff as i have to test a variety of community driven software (with poor documentation mostly) to figure out what suits my need best.

So i am constantly messing with config files and init scripts and end up ruining something so bad that i am forced to do a clean install.

This Feature for wheezy would make things a lot easier.

So yes, i would be more than happy to be a wheezy beta tester.

Thanks for the feedback.

VSFTP is missing from dietpi.txt, i’ll get that added before next release.

Regarding the USB setup, good idea. I will get this added. It would be 2 automation options:
1 = Automatically format and mount the drive for use on the system. This may need to be a prompt to prevent unintentional abuse/loss of data. I’ll have to look into this.
2 = No format, mount drive for this system.

Thanks Zombie.

Automation will be available for all v104 images after the Beta test. I decided to only use jessie for this test as this was the most popular image, and, the image creation takes some time.

Once I’ve updated the automation additions, I’ll redo the Jessie and Wheezy images so both can be tested.

Also regarding the USB setup, I would love to be able to set the USB max current flag in automation. In addition, I have a specific overclock that I set and I would love to be able to set that in automation as well.

These are values specific to the RPi and already exist in config.txt . Simply change those values before powering on.

Enable 1.2a usb current:


Overclocking (my setup for rpiv2):


Aren’t the values in /boot/config.txt overwritten on boot though? A the very least I have never had config stick through editing the boot file.

Overclocking settings for the RPiv1 is overridden at the moment during 1st run setup. We set 900mhz (safe clock). This has been resolved in the v104 images and they should be available after xmas.

Apart from the above, nothing else is changed during boot in config.txt.

So /boot/config.txt can be used?

Yep :slight_smile: