dietpi auto power on/auto power off


i’m new at dietpi and wondering that is there any software that can shut down dietpi on a webui?
and i want to turn on my dietpi but i think i cannot reach any webui (because dietpi turned off). anyway to turn on dietpi from pc or smartphone using wake on lan?

maybe can i schedule the time of power on or off in day (i mean turn on at 20:00 and turn off at 23:00)

my aim; i dont want to plug in or out power cable from dietpi.

thanks in advance for the answers.


best to my knowledge, thinks like Wake-on-Lan are not possible on SBC’s. This has nothing to do with DietPi but with the hardware used by SBC’s.

The exceptions to this are Intel devices and the Ordoid XU4 can be woken up by RTC if you have the battery they sell - this isn’t wake on LAN but wake on schedule - and poweroff can be done with cron.