Dietpi as vlc playetr

Hello, I want to use the raspberry to play a video in a loop in an exhibitor, I have the vlc installed but I have a couple of problems, to see if you can help me. I dont have desk installed, all on terminal

When playing a video, it goes very slow, at 1 fps and stops.
I want the video to play as soon as I start the raspberry and play in a loop

Can someone help me set it up?


export DISPLAY=:0
vlc --fullscreen [file]


export DISPLAY=:0
vlc -f [file]

The above will only play it thru once
to have it loop try

export DISPLAY=:0
vlc --loop video.avi

To make it full screen, loop and be on top try

export DISPLAY=:0
vlc --video-on-top --fullscreen --repeat video.avi

Pulled from man vlc

This manual page documents briefly the VLC multimedia player and server.
VLC follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (’-’). For a precise description of options, please use “vlc --help”.

The complete list of VLC options depends on what plugins are installed because they automatically add their own options. Please use “vlc --longhelp --advanced” for a complete list of available options.

Here too

Then if you want it to start a boot time…might put that command in /etc/rc.local

Thx @WarHawk , i know about this comands, now the problem is that the video start and in less than one sec it stops and doesnt work, how can i fix this ?