Dietpi-arr_to_RAM radarr/sonarr


Recently I found out that the database which is stored temporary in the RAM, needs to be manually saved.
On the forms, I found a few how-to steps
tutorial over here:

To have all databases linked to RAM at boot and stored back to disk on shutdown automatically, run: dietpi-arr_to_RAM enable
To further reduce the risk of lost info/settings you can run dietpi-arr_to_RAM 2 to update the backups. This can also be done per-program, e.g. dietpi-arr_to_RAM 2 sonarr to only update the Sonarr database backup. This allows the program itself to do this as well. Within Sonarr, Radarr and Lidarr web UI you can configure custom scripts to be run on certain triggers, e.g. when a download has been finished.
For this:
Open the web UI, e.g. for Sonarr <local_IP>:8989
Go to Settings
Select the tab Connect
Select + to add a new notification
Select Custom Script
Give it some name and select the trigger sliders as desired, On Download makes most sense here since after download the disk is spinning already and the info is important enough to assure it is preserved even on system crash.
As path choose: /DietPi/dietpi/misc/dietpi-arr_to_RAM
As arguments enter e.g. 2 sonarr for Sonarr, 2 radarr for Radarr etc.
Select Test to verify you entered everything correctly, then Save

Unfortunately when opening Sonarr/radarr, go to the connect tab, add a custom script. Using the Path I find a whole list of folders. But /Dietpi/ isn’t there. Does anyone know where “/Dietpi/dietpi/misc/dietpi-arr_to_RAM” is located under?

List of folders that are visible when clicking the path field:

Name Size
bin 0 B
dev 0 B
etc 0 B
home 0 B
lib 0 B
lost+found 0 B
media 0 B
mnt 0 B
opt 0 B
proc 0 B
root 0 B
run 0 B
sbin 0 B
srv 0 B
sys 0 B
tmp 0 B
usr 0 B
var 0 B


many thanks for your request. /Dietpi/dietpi/misc/ has been moved to /boot/dietpi/misc recently.


That does work. However the folder /boot/ isnt visibile in the sonar/radarr GUI, just typing the path works however.
Mabye update the “tutorial”, so other people wont run into the same problem!

tutorial updated. Thx for the hint.