DietPi and Yocto


I just started looking at the Yocto project and I am a little familiar with DietPi too. There’s quite a bit of learning curve with Yocto and that makes me think - isn’t DietPi ‘almost’ doing what Yocto is doing minus all the learning curve. Yocto may be taking things a bit further but for many cases, that may not really be required. That makes me think I should stick to DietPi unless some very specific situation needs me to churn a custom image for any of my boards. I would love to hear something on this because I am still learning and have quite a long way to go :smiley: Thanks. And ya I love DietPi ( 5 stars any day! )

About what I read, Yocto and DietPi are quite different in their aims. Yocto for me sounds a bit similar to the “Tiny Core” project, not so much with the “tiny” aspect, but the adaption and customization down to the kernel/firmware level.

Please read the aspects that I wrote about “Tiny Core” vs DietPi, as most of them should true for Yocto comparison as well:

Really the most important aspect about DietPi is, that you have a fully functional Debian/Raspbian system with all it’s benefits, using APT package manager with access to the whole software repo, having all the various guides, man pages etc. that fit as well for DietPi etc.
So DietPi is not a minimal, IoT customized Linux distro, but a minimal SBC optimized Debian/Raspbian distro.

Also about the “learning curve”. The goal of DietPi is exactly to offer software, config etc. to less experienced users as well, by offering the GUI and automated install steps, so you don’t need to know too much of the Linux depths. It was the goal from the beginning of DietPi :wink:.
And this exactly is excluded from the other two projects, which more likely address Linux devs and coders with quite some insight into Linux systems and who are able to build software themselves from source, if not available pre-compiled for their systems.

Though I think for all intensive purposes the work you have done to minimize the build is great, however… reproducable by anyone else, a bit of a project, some of us, me included while appreciating the work and using it, also have a desire to customize for multiple deployments, this is where yocto is nice, I believe one an effort to duplicate DietPI in yocto would be a nice project, also more capabilities exist for management of yocto, like swupdate and mender … iits nice to hhave DietPI however, it lacks certain features
that require manual intervention like apt update and config params, now imagine someone has 10-20 dietpi devices say security cams
and they all need too be updated, well sure anisible rolls could be created, however to get to the initial point in the first place, alot of manual work would be required. So some of us wish to be able to extend, and “roll our own” enhanced dietpi if you will