DietPi and Wordgrinder

Hello DietPi community!

I downloaded Dietpi onto my Raspberry Pi Zero W (pi0W) a couple days ago and I have been loving the experience so far – my pi0W is actually usable on this OS (no hangups, glitches, bugs). It is great! :smiley:

During my exploration of this OS, I have come across a few small things that I’m not sure how to fix. :thinking:
Let me explain what I have done on it so far real quick. :slight_smile:

I have made a new user; gave it adm, sudo, netdev – all the permissions needed. :sunglasses:
Locked the dietpi and root user.
Updated the OS, apt, etc.
I installed and enabled ufw and fail2ban (gotta keep it safe!).
Then, to make the pi0W more usable, I have been downloading terminal-only based programs, such as links2, wordgrinder, ranger, and so on.

(I am using an English (US) keyboard and mouse setup)

Since these programs are using dietpi’s terminal, I figured that the issues I’m having would be a mix of dietpi and creator-of-the-program’s.

My issue: When I use the program wordgrinder (~$ sudo apt install wordgrinder ← for those who have never used it) I noticed that the apostrophe symbol, " ’ " , is replaced with a box," █ ". When I open the file too, I see more of these.

Moreover, when I go to use italics it doesn’t work. In fact, italics looks the same as bold for some reason.

Has anyone ever encountered this before when using terminal based programs such as wordgrinder?

Any help, ideas, tips is much appreciated!!!

Hi all,

The creator of wordgrinder, David Given, got back to me and said the below quote. Wanted to share in case others had this issue with using wordgrinder or other terminal based programs. : )

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: wordgrinder on dietpi
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2020 11:59:08
From: David Given <>> >
To: piApprentice

… It sounds like you’re using a terminal or the Linux console, rather than X? …

So whether you get italics, weird characters etc all depend on what terminal you’re using. They all have different capabilities. SLEFT does mean SHIFT, yes, but if your terminal doesn’t report shifted cursor keys, there’s nothing WordGrinder can do. You might want to try the other selection mechanism — press CTRL+SPACE to set a mark, then move the cursor, and everything from the mark to the cursor is selected.

If you’re using X, try xwordgrinder — it doesn’t have all these limitations (install wordgrinder-x11). It displays italics properly, too.

Does Dietpi’s terminal not support shift, italics, and apostrophe ?