Dietpi and Proxmox

Is there any chance of getting a Proxmox image added to the VM Images? It seems to be the goto Hypervisor right now.

If you are still interested, I have an image prepared by myself for Proxmox (6.2) which I use on a daily basis in qcow2 format that I can share. :wink:

Hey, I ran into this thread while lurking lol.
I’d really appreciate an image actually.

Is that offer still open?

Me too plz!

As i was looking for a way to do exactly this i find this thread! I’d love if you could provide me with an image as well! Thanks in advance.

I found this guide on reddit:

Would it be possible to add the proxmox installation to dietpi?

Hi all!

Sorry for my late reply. I suspect that by then many of you have already dealt with it yourself, but I leave a link to the qcow2 image for future visitors.

Image is based on Debian.

The method of use is simple. Create a new virtual machine according to the scheme below (other settings than described below depends on your own choice):

Guest OS:
Type: Linux
Version: 5.x - 2.6 Kernel

Hard Disk:
Bus/Device: SCSI
Disk size: 10
Format: QEMU image format (qcow2)
Cache: Write back

BIOS: Default (SeaBIOS)
Machine: Default (i440fx)

After that replace the disk file with the one downloaded from me also changing XXX in the name of qcow2 image according to your freshly created VM-ID

Image link:

After startup setup is also good to:

apt install qemu-guest-agent

If you want to expand disk size after instalantion just resize it in ProxMox and later attach any live-cd of Ubuntu and from there you can easly adjust partition size to disk size using GParted. (tip. “turn off” swap partition. Delete it. Resize main partition and recreate swap in the end of drive. After that “turn on swap”).


There is a user guide on how to run ProxMox and DietPi