DietPi alternative install based script (without image)

Hi @General, is there any other way (aternative-install) to use this great app on Raspi4 (armv7) without burn the image.

I have an existing highly customice environment i would like to keep running on Raspi4.

I have seen this in the official repo. Is this what i’m lokking for?


Yes, there is an install script.

But read the notes carefully!

  • All existing software (APT) and user data will be deleted.
  • The script will convert any ‘bloated’ Debian/Raspbian installation into a lightweight DietPi system.
  • The script will NOT support converting existing installed software (e.g. Nextcloud, Plex Media Server) over to the DietPi system.

So if you are running already on a customized environment it will likely break stuff, I guess.

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Yes correct, we will remove apt software packages we don’t expect. The install script is designed to convert Debian bases systems into an empty DietPi.

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Yes, great caveat, thanks for answer, then i’ll keep on deploying apps with Docker.

I guess underliying DietPi use Docker aswell to deploy apps. The common problem i used to have by deploying apps on Raspi4 is to look for dockers updated and compatible with ARMv7.

One of the advantages i see on DietPi is you dont have to worry about architecture, the script do. You just click on what apps you want in a grafical way and script ensure it will fit your enviroment. I comment this because i’d like to ask: Is there any code (docker compose/run) i can see on what the script run when it detects is Raspi4 for each app the DietPi offer.

I mean, i’d like to see which docker run parameters DietPi run when it detect ARMv7


There is a huge misunderstanding. We don’t offer any Docker based application (except Portainer) at all. We avoid docker installations and currently we don’t plan to add some in near future. Aim is to install native apps and reduce overhead like given by Docker engine.

This will not go away with DietPi. We check on system architecture for native apps to ensure correct version is loaded. But we don’t do this for Docker images. There nothing will change on your procedure to create ARMv7 Docker images.

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Thanks for such detailed explanation. Then DietPi will become my OS once i have a secondary Rpi.

Thanks, amazing project