DietPi - Web GUI Image

Has this been updated to use with the Raspberry Pi 4?

Not yet.

You can use the regular RPi image and install the Allo web UI manually for now.
But indeed we need to update those, including the Amiberry image.


When do you expect to have these updated?

I cannot say yet. I have to ask Fourdee about any special steps when creating these images, since I never created them. Usually I would simply boot a regular DietPi image, install Allo, reset install state to the pre-installed image index, then create the .img file, just it.
But probably some more tweaks were included or make sense.

Another thing is that we planned to adjust the pre-installed firstboot handling, so that those images, even that software is pre-installed, still go through the regular firstrun update+setup steps. It makes sense to implement and test this before creating any next pre-installed image, but it takes again more time then.

As said, for now there should be really no difference when using the regular image. You can automate the Allo web UI install via dietpi.txt by setting/adding:


and of course any other AUTO_SETUP_ setting you like.