DietPi a huge thank you!

Embarrassed to say that I just heard about you guys today.
I have used several friendlyelec boards in the past. Today I wanted to try the NanoPi Neo3, which cam in today. On their site they gave a blurb about you. My normal go to was Armbian. I thought I would give you guys a try to check it out. All I can say is… !!! HOLY CRAP !!! DietPi is freaking awesome!!!
I always thought the best polished thing was RPI, but IMHO you blow these guys out of the water.

I have never donated before, But I can clearly see the amount of work and effort that went into this so I did.

You guys did a awesome job here!


Same here. I was blown away when I tried DietPi :slight_smile:


thx for your feedback guys. :slight_smile:

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