Dietpi 6 x64 pc image gone ?


I’m using DietPi on an old laptop. SInce the upgrade to v6 does is not possible in my current install, i wanted to download the image again.

There is no more image available for x64 using bios ? Why is this ? Is there a way around this ? Because i find having to install debian is quite a hassle being used to just install the image on a usb using etcher and go

I’m similarly puzzled by the disappearance of the old quick and easy .img. Far superior to having to install another OS to install an OS first.
Sadly the last I seem to have is 152.

EDIT: Nope, found my v158. Guess that’s something.


We’ll take another stab at this image:

Lack of image due to:

In short, I need to renew some old hardware :slight_smile:

The images really are incredibly useful, so I hope we’ll see a return. Right now the proceedure I just went through - being relatively experienced as a Unix/BSD user - to download a Debian netinst image, write it to flash, boot that, run through the entire installer (more downloading/time), and then… Well actually in my case after three attempts and several hours troubleshooting when Debian failed to boot afterward leaving nothing but the good old black screen and blinking cursor… It inspires some cursing over how convenient and simple dietpi used to be on PC. :wink:
It’s still on literally every single Raspberry Pi I own in some manner though.