DietPi 6 SSH login problems

Hi have login details changed?
On my Mac Terminal i have tried to SSH into both RPi and Allo versions of V6 without success. I have worked on previous iterations without problem.
On entering ‘dietpi’ as password I get…

Root@(ip no)'s password:
Permission denied, please try again.

Any suggestions (i have ensured that caps lock is off)?

Thanks in advance

Hmm and you did not change the global password within dietpi.txt? Can you log in directly on RPi console with default credentials?

I’m having a similar issue on my Mac.

I can connect to the console as root. In the Terminal, I can ssh in as dietpi, but that user doesn’t have root privileges. I can’t su or directly ssh in as root, I just get the same “Permission denied” as BobC.

SSH worked fine on the old version. I’ve tried both Dropbear and OpenSSH, both give the same results.