Dietpi 6.8 images for VMs

I see that on Github 6.7 and 6.8 have been released… but no trace here on the forum nor any VM image available…
They’re still in testing or is there any other reason?

Many thanks!

You should see an update notification within your DietPi terminal, the banner that pops up when login to shell. This then also indicates that it’s a release, not testing, which is on github always the “master” branch. Testing/development is done in “testing” branch.

Zombievirus (“beckon” :smiley:) takes care of the version history here in the forum, but as this is a free spare time contribution/support, it will not always be in time. Maybe I find the time in the evening to add the latest versions there.

The images we provide are not updated with every release. When booting the first time, they will update by themselves to the latest version. For this reason you also see no version string within the image files, as the result is always the current release :wink:. After some heavier changes, or important changes/fixes that we cannot port via update, we will also ship new images of course. Also after every few versions, e.g. if for development reasons we anyway run our preparation script on a fresh pre-image.

So just grab the VM image available and you are good. Or did you face any issue with the current upload?

Hi MichaIng
I’m currently on 160,and wanted to migrate to the latest 6.x

As someone who is working since long in the IT, I have aquired lots of bad habits, and among them, the preference of fresh installs of latest versions whenever possible (instead of old version + upgrade)
Less stuff that can go wrong, easily replicable etc :slight_smile:
Since I’m in no hurry to migrate, I think I’ll wait for the next image release :]

Again, thanks for the quick and comprehensive reply!