Diet pie image not booting

I recently downloaded and made a usb boot drive using etcher but i cant get my pi3 to boot off this image.
I tested the pi out with another usb drive i have with raspbian loaded and it works fine. I then put rasbian on the drive that had the diet pi image on it and it booted.
Is there some special prep thats needed to have diet pi boot from a usb?


We need to update our DietPi image, to support RPi 3 USB write + boot. Should be done this week:

Ahh ok. Figures, i bet that is also why i couldnt get a version of ubunto to boot also. I never realized there needed to be a differance in the image to support usb or sd card boot. I am betting raspbian is configured for both since i used the same image from when i used a sd card to when i used a usb.
i will look forward to it in case i have to re-do my pi, installing emby was not fun.