Diet PI openvpn (surfshark)

Every time i connect to an open VPN server it connects but i lose internet connection, i only have local connection, anyone got a simple fix for this?

What is the output of:

ip -4 addr; ip -4 ro list table all; ip -4 ru

before and after connecting to the VPN?



First, pls try to avoid creating screen prints. You should be able to copy the content from SSH client and copy it into a code tag inside the forum. This way it is much easier to read.

Back to your issue. You have 2 VPN interfaces while connected. Do you run an additional VPN server next to surfshark?


Well you have 2 times tun interfaces, indicating 2 different VPN being active

Let’s have a look for open ports

ss -tulpn

Tun0 is definitely a vpn server. However this should not be an issue in this case. There is a default route installed by the script, so routing looks good. Next thing is to verify that forwarding is allowed. cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
Also verify if there are any firewall rules blocking the traffic: iptables-save -c
Finally run some troubleshooting commands: ping -c2; ping -c2

attached the result