Diet Pi on Orange Pi 5

I’m trying to install Diet Pi to run on My Orange Pi 5. I downloaded the OP5 image from the Raspberry Pi website and flashed it to an sd card. Inital boot is working fine but when I try to use my keyboard when it say hit enter to continue nothing happens. Any ideas?? TIA!

did you tried to use a different USB port already?

Yes, I tried a couple different ones.

Is it a cabled keyboard or a wireless one with USB stick.

ok I just checked in my OPi 5 and my USB keyboard is working without issues. I used one of the “blue” USB 3 ports.

I will give that a try! What IS the difference between the blue and white ports?

have a look to Orange Pi docs Orange Pi - Orangepi

If you want to run OS without headaches, stick to Orange Pi 5 / 5B – Armbian