Diet Pi Changed or Reset networking?

Long story short I am running Diet Pi on an RBP4. It’s whole purpose is solely as a Pihole that is running as a DHCP server and DNS for the adblocking side.

For some reason today my network went down while I was at work. I got home and realized my Pi wasn’t working correctly.

Initially upon rebooting the cloudshell screen came up.

After checking my Dietpi network configuration I realized it somehow changed from my static settings to automatic. Once I reset these settings back to static my Dietpi was connected and thus my Pihole and network was back online.

Any idea’s on what could have caused such an issue?

did you have your dietpi setup w/ a static IP address?

Did you use dietpi-config to set static IP?

This is how I setup my pihole
If not it pulled a DHCP address from your router
A. Log into your router and find the address assigned to the pi
B. Run angryipscanner and find it what way (or nmap for linux)
C. Set static IP for pihole machine outside your normal DHCP addressing block but not as default gateway
D. Turn on DHCP server from pihole machine
E. Disable DHCP server from router

I guess issue is not about setting STATIC or DHCP IP. It’s more that current STATIC settings seems to be vanished over night and system was restarting with DHCP instead.

STATIC IP configuration is done in /etc/network/interfaces file. Usually this can not change out of the sudden. Honestly I have no idea how this could happen.

Any thoughts?

It is definitely not changed by our scripts when not running dietpi-config manually. Would be interesting what the /etc/network/interfaces content is, when it changed to DHCP.

One guess, if Pi-hole was installed via their installer and not via dietpi-config, is that dhcpcd may interfere. Actually it should not do anything as of /etc/network/interfaces content, but it is a DHCP client so potentially is able to lease and apply DHCP settings. Solution would be apt purge dhcpcd5, which should be done in any case now, as also Pi-hole removed it finally from their dependencies for next release: