Diet-pi can not install and configure normally after i format and flash many time

Hello, curently my diet pi seems dead? after i flash it quite a lot recently after it died alot of time when installing pi hole.


Pi model 4 B
default Power supply

SD card kingston 32GB
(i have 2 of these and both of them acts the same)

MR400 router

LAN cable Cat 4.

my dietpi version i use ARMv6 version and ARMv7 version, both not working.

idk how to send log file but here a link to see the problem


this survey/bugreport can be skipped without issue. One request, can you post the error as text into this post (no screen print pls). Should be possible to collect from SSH terminal (copy/past)

ahh what I see, you have DNS issues. What DNS server you have entered into your system?

cat /etc/resolv.conf

I set on my router by automatically.
Also tried

Nothi works

And i guess your router is pointing to PiHole? Do you use DHCP or STATIC IP?

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This is very substandard. A Cat5e is borderline minimum.
Are you able to ping an IP at least? ping -c 3

It works before this. Im able to block ads and even log into the web interface

Even with that Cat4. Maybe I’ll try to factory reset my router if im out of option.

What exactly is the issue now? We never talked about a AdBlock software. Pls describe in detail what is not working.

Is it possible that you use a static IP on your RPi and the DNS is set to pihole? In this case your RPi does not use the DNS set in your router.

If this is the case:
Please change the DNS on your pihole device, not on your router.
e.g. your RPi uses also pihole as DNS and pihole does not work for some reason, you can’t reach the internet and you are not able to fix this, bc you can’t reach the internet :slight_smile:
Go into dietpi-config → option 7 Network Options: Adapters, then choose your network interface and change the DNS to or whatever you like.

If the RPi use DHCP then something else might be going on.