Diet Pi Backup using ftp?

I am trying to run dietpi-backup over network to a USB HDD mounted on another DietPi I tried curlftp but the mounted filesystem appears as ‘fuse’ so unsupported, is there a workaround to share the ext4 as a drive, or can I only backup to a local USB drive? Hope you can help.

Hi Aidan,

The reason for the ext2/3/4 requirement is due to the following:

  • Must backup Unix permissions
  • Must backup symlinks
    A safety measure to prevent a broken restore.

You could try the following to backup to FTP (or any other file system)

  • Create a local backup on the SDcard: /mnt/dietpi-backup
  • Compress and create a backup on ftp mount: tar -pcvf /mnt/ftp_client/My_DietPi_Backup.tar.bz2 /mnt/dietpi-backup
    You should now have a compressed backup on the FTP server.

When you want to restore:
rm -R /mnt/dietpi-backup/*
tar -xf /mnt/ftp_client/My_DietPi_Backup.tar.bz2 -C /
Run dietpi-backup, set location to /mnt/dietpi-backup and restore.

Thanks for the reply, I simplified matters and brought three USB sticks one for each pi!

Lol, yep, i do the same for testing :slight_smile: