Diet-pi backup and restore to different hardware

Is this possible or has anyone successfully done this. If I wanted to restore the backup from a dietpi install running on a Raspberry pi to an Odroid… for example. Just curious if that would work. I have Subsonic Running my music server so I want to avoid having to re-configure things but I am very curious how the Odroid would perform.


Nope, you can definitely NOT do that. All SBCs have their own firmware, kernel, bootloader, system settings and in many cases different binaries according to their architecture, e.g. RPi is ARMv6/7 (armhf binaries) while Odroid C2 is ARMv7 (arm64), so no binary from one system can be executed on the other one.

What works is backup and restore or clone images/swap SDcards between different RPi version, but that is a special features for RPis and e.g. doing this between different Odroids will 100% fail.

For certain software titles you can identify the settings files and of course data like media and stuff and copy them over, but dietpi-backup is the wrong tool for this. Either do it manually or use dietpi-sync to e.g. sync your /mnt/dietpi_userdata to an external drive and from there to the other system.

Thanks for replying. That was the direction I was leaning anyway. I’ll just grab and odroid and fire it up just for testing. If I like then I’ll play with copying the subsonic config / directories over. That is really all I have going currently so not overly complex. I am just looking for the “easiest” way to test considering I’m not great in linux. I can get around and know enough to be dangerous to perfectly running installs.

Thanks again

We aim to implement some software data+config backup into DietPi-Backup. But this is much work and there are more important things currently. Since it varies much between software titles where/how data and config is stored and which entries rely on the underlying system (so would need to be adjusted when recovering on new system), this can only be done step-by-step for every single software title.

Jep so currently it’s try-and-error when copying things over to another SBC, especially when it runs another ARM version.