Diet Cluster

Seriously, who doesn’t want a compute cluster?


  • One Master node providing DNS+NAT
  • One or more Child nodes in a subnet
  • Create configs and provisioning scripts for Child nodes. (I was going to struggle with ansible or puppet for this. Then I found DietPi Automate. It’s a good start. Playing with it in a VM while I wait for my cluster components to arrive.)


  • Master is also a caching proxy server
  • Master is also a deb update mirror to reduce ridiculousness of asking each node to poll upstream for updates
  • PXE boot Child nodes from image(s) stored on Master (ditch x-many sd cards! Whoop!)
  • beowulf or Docker Swarm or similar
  • CPU/RAM and network load balancing
  • a bunch more I can’t think of right now

Okay. That’s a lot. Some of it is hard. Sorry, but I’ll try scribble up how-tos as I go through it the harder way.

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Can’t wait for your output on the experience !

Seriously, post your progress on this, I’m really interested. I plan to do the same, but since DietPi wasn’t build for this, I was looking for something else. But if the OS I like the most on my SBC can do this as well… I’ll be very happy to build one, just for fun :wink: But when fall or winter will be there. The summer is so short…

Also, which kind of hardware will you buy for this? (SBC, switch, power, case, etc.)
Do you have a blog or something else where I can follow your progress?

Keep us informed!

Anyone had any success with Docker Swarm running on Dietpi Pi3B+ ?
(Or is that a silly question)?
I’m new to Pi-Land but good with Arduino !

Unfortunately…these SBC’s are no powerhouses…

Great for learning how to build a cluster…but if you want a cluster that has tons of power…go with a modern processor w/ multi core support like an i7