DHCP Server

Good day… i currently have a NanoPi R1 running version 6.28 under Debian stretch… is it possible to utilized the 2nd ethernet port as a dhcp server so that is can connect my pc directly to it and have internet access… basically my dietpi is connected directly to my home router thru its 1st ethernet port and i dont want to fish out another 30 meters of lan cable thru my wall from my pc to router so that i can access my dietpi… my 2nd ethernet port is not also detected on the dietpi-config network… thanks alot…

You would have to setup a IPTABLES routing setup to route traffic from eth0 to eth1 (or whatever scheme your’s is listed as)

Check out this page…might be what you want to do

Thanks for the response… i believe that tutorial is basically for transparent bridge setup wherein my home router will still serve the dhcp on my pc… what im planning to do is same as the wifi hotspot software on dietpi but on the 2nd ethernet port instead of the wifi which the nanopi r1 has its own dhcp server…

There are quite a lot of guides on the web on how-to setup a shared internet connection