DHCP Server - with GUI

Hi there

Noticed this was asked for previously (back in 2016) and it was closed. However, wondered if there was a GUI interface for a DHCP server?

I could install via…

sudo apt install isc-dhcp-server

But it’s needed for a very non-technical mate - and I can see his eyes glazing over at the very thought of doing anything at the command line.

His router is an ISP provided router and you can’t actually change the configured DNS Servers (for the LAN), so can’t really make use of PiHole etc (well, not without a lot of manual configuration via command line).

So… Question is whether there is a GUI DHCP server for DietPi please? Can’t find anything in packages, but I don’t know what specifically to look for! GUI is a must, should he need to be talked through anything (should he want to change something).


Pihole is running it’s own dhcp server and has gui. Your friend needs to disable the dhcp server on the isp router and enable it on pihole.

doing a search found this…not sure if it will help


But as Hostilian said the pihole has a dhcp server w/ webgui built in

Worse comes to worse…webmin could also help…but it is a bit bloated

The DHCP server in Pihole is overly simple. Some advanced features like denying an IP reservation via mac address or the ability to change things like the default gateway for a particular reservation would be welcome. It would be nice if this project - https://dhcpserver.sourceforge.net/ could be integrated with DietPi.