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Hi, i am running dietpi on RB3. There is an external HDD mounted and two USB device also mounted in a raid1 configuration. LSBLK gives me the list of the devices sda,sdb,sdc.
I would like to see the contents of each device separetly. How do i do it? Using ls -l for the mount point does not give me the information in which device files are located. SDB device mounted in /mnt/raid1 SDC device mounted /mnt/raid1/SMB. I guess it is not the wisest solution…

You need to mount the raid drive and not the individual raid members.

And why not mounting the separate individual disk to an own mount point?

Can you share following

lsblk -o name,fstype,label,size,ro,type,mountpoint,partuuid,uuid
sda                57.3G  0 disk
     linux_ DietPi:0
                   57.3G  0 part                                                  7e0debd7-3acf-e0dd-f5ca-3dcb7c4912df
sdb                57.3G  0 disk
     linux_ DietPi:0
                   57.3G  0 part                                                  7e0debd7-3acf-e0dd-f5ca-3dcb7c4912df
     ext4          57.3G  0 raid1 /mnt/raid1                                      85620b2c-7041-40d9-b866-82dc9557c89a
sdc               298.1G  0 disk
     ntfs   Transcend
                  298.1G  0 part  /mnt/raid1 eab207c0-01                          3464FF2D64FEF08A
│                  14.8G  0 disk
│    vfat           128M  0 part  /boot      0e2887fb-01                          6725-6501
     ext4          14.7G  0 part  /          0e2887fb-02                          98fa3b6b-e750-4e39-8191-3b4eae912463

You are mounting the external Transcend device to the very same location as your raid is mounted on. Still I would recommend to mount SBC to an own mount point.

Yes that is what i thought too. However i still would like to see what is on raid volume sdb1. It is 60GB the nextclud_data occupies only 18GB according to du -sh. How can i monitor the sole content of that device md0?

I think you can do this with mdadm

you can’t mount individual raid member. It always needs to be the whole raid md0.

To check 20 biggest files on our raid, ensure to umount the flash drive first or mount it somewhere else. Once done, you can do following

du -a /mnt/raid1 | sort -n -r | head -n 20

So i have to unmount both flash drives first?

umount the Transcend device sdc

sda and sdb needs to be connected as they are member of raid group md0

Thank you so much. All my questions have been answered. It works perfectly.
Thank you

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