I’ve installed this using dietpi-software on Banana Pi and Pi2 - all works through the web browser interface but I cannot get the WIndows Deluge GUI to connect to the two devices.

I have the GUI connection to a remote Deluge working.

What am I missing here?

Hi John,

Looks like a possible bug in our installation, either that or Deluge has changed how it handles the auth file and contents.
Please run the following on the DietPi system:

echo -e "root:dietpi:10" > "$HOME"/.config/deluge/auth
dietpi-services restart

Then in your desktop client use:
hostname = Your device’s IP address (eg:
port = 58846
username = root
password = dietpi

Please let me know outcome. Thanks John.

Hi Fourdee,

Thanks again - this fixed it on the two devices.


Thanks John :slight_smile: this will be resolved for v129.