Deluge stats disabled after each backup

Creating a bug report/issue

Required Information

  • DietPi version | 9.2.1
  • SBC model | rpi4

Additional Information (if applicable)

I am running a HomePage site (Home - homepage) and when i set up the service widget to pull stats it works until the nightly backup of the RiPi server, then it show 0 for all the stats until i log back in to deluge and connect to the daemon.

Steps to reproduce

Let backup run over night

Expected behaviour

Be able to pull deluge stats to my HomePage site

Actual behaviour

Stats are not available until i log into deluge and connect to the daemon

Did you try to use the “auto-connect to daemon” feature?

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Ill make the change i see in there and report back tomorrow.
Thank you

When i add the id to the web.conf file and restart the webui service it deletes the id number and its back to " "

Are you sure you’re edit is properly saved?
Can you check after the modification with

cat /path/to/web.conf

probably it would be needed to stop Deluge service before doing the config file adjustment

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Ill try and read better next time, lol its working now.

Thank you!