DELUGE dont download

I got problem with deluge - it dond write any data on HDD ,
There are peers but torrent it’s 0% - its starts downloading few Kb then stop… 0%

Ports are opened.
I think its permisions problem - looks like it cant write anything to hdd

please help

What user is deluge running as when you start it?
Is the download directory in the users /home directory?

Hmm i pressume its loading from root DietPi. i Didnt set any other login for deluge.
how to check on what account it logs ?

When i load console from web, it needs to connect to localhost.

i dont know whats going on, all ports opened.
When i start any torrent it shows peers and speed for a while then stop.

PS. any other torrent soft works. Only deluge dont.

i editet all .conf files - everywhere is root
But in web.conf is LOGIN : admin - but i cant change it - it always reset to admin.

It’s probably the permissions on the download directory that are incorrect. To test this change the directory to 777 andf see if that helps. If so then change to the correct permissions (can’t remember what they are just now).


Hello !
Changing directory perm to 777 fixed deluge - now works fine . It was set as 775 and didnt worked…

Thank You for help.

Hmm, 77X permissions on download dir should be actually sufficient. But deluge run user needs to be in “dietpi” group. Will check if this is the case and otherwise update the install code.

Note that login account/user and software run user are two different things.
The unix software run user is responsible for directory access and such. You can check via htop, which user runs the deluge process. If it is root, it has full system access, but that should be not the case for security reasons.
The login account name is totally independent from this.

775 permissions means, since the download dir is owned by “dietpi” user, all users within the dietpi group have full write access as well.
So the deluge running user needs to be inside this group. You can check via:
groups <user_name>

If “dietpi” is not within the output, then add the user to group via:
usermod -a -G dietpi <user_name>

Then 775 permissions should work fine. The above solution has the advantage, that dietpi-software runs will not break it by re-applying default 775 permissions :wink:.

Thank You for the amazing and clear explanation. That info will be usefull for future :slight_smile:

The USER in htop is “deluge” . And its alo part of dietpi group . So it should work with 775 yes ?

 groups deluge
deluge : deluge dietpi


It looks like the dietpi user group dont have proper priviliges set.
There is similiar problem with FTP , when i log as dietpi - i cant delete any files/folders…

I use external usb HDD. Maybe here is a problem - maybe dietpi system didnt set proper priviliges during install drive.