Deluge Connection Manager on Windows

I have done a fresh install of DietPi and updated to the latest version on my Raspberry Pi 4. Previously had an issue with the deluge services not starting but this was fixed in the update. Now, my issue is that I can not connect to deluge daemon from the Deluge Program on Windows. I haven’t changed any passwords or log ins so I should be able to connect using root and the default password dietpi. The connection manager shows that it’s not loaded but the service is. Hopefully this is as simple as I’m using the wrong credentials to connect to the deluge daemon.

The web client is working as intended and logs in using the password dietpi.

Anyone have any idea if I’m using the wrong log in? Is this possibly related to the daemon on raspberry pi being version 2 and windows version being 1.3? Or is this another problem not yet discovered?


I guess your guess is right and you’d require a Deluge 2 client for Windows :frowning::

Discussion at the Deluge development platform:
At the end of the thread are also links to custom builds from the community:

Here a repository with build scripts: