deCONZ for DietPi - Help


I’m fairly new on DietPi, I’ve been playing with it for a few weeks installing and testing some apps, and I’m really impressed with how quick and smooth it feels.

I’m really interested in using my odroid HC1 for home automation, I already installed Home Assistant from DietPi software manager and I’m trying to use it’s deCONZ component (basically a Zigbee USB Dongle to communicate with smart devices), which seems to be gaining popularity among Home Assistant users, but for that I need to install the following linux package:

It’s mainly developed for raspberry pi, but it works on PC too. The instructions are pretty straight forward, but dpkg doesn’t want to install it. Maybe it’s because the package is made for Raspbian and it’s not compatible with DietPi.

Can anyone give me any pointers?, should I try compile from source?

Thanks in advance.

I ended up using this

How did you activate serial? The device (RaspBee) does not show up when i run

lsusb -vvvv

. Could you please help?

Do you still need help?. I have a Conbee USB stick, not RaspBee.

The pre-compiled binaries for RPi do definitely not work on PC due to CPU architecture mismatch. This has nothing to do with DietPi vs Raspbian, since DietPi basically is Raspbian. It’s x86 vs ARM.
Probably the Ubuntu ones work, since they are for x86_64:

But manual compiling should work on any device:

  • As any build, apt install build-essential is required at least.