Decals / Logos?

Hi all,
I have recently come acros Diet Pi and am already in love with it.
I was wondering if there were decals available / Logo i could download to get a decal made up for my Pi case?

Yeah definitely please…a template for imprinting in 3D printable cases would be sweet too

Like this

That would be good, I have just bought a WD Pidrive enclosure for my device to make it into a NAS. And a decal would finish it off perfectly!

DietPi logos of different sizes can be found here:

Amazing thank you! with permission i would like to start offering these for sale as i have a friend that cuts decals?

I’ll but a few if they aren’t too expensive

Also can we get a black and white solid image of the dietpi raspberry?

I can import it into cura, and create a template that can be uploaded to thingiverse where people can put them in their Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi cases and stuff…also even make 3D printable keychains or whatever

I will wait for the nod from founder before going ahead.

I did come up with this…but like you said…only if the founder says ok’s it

This is just a preliminary creation…in no way is this an authorized decal/logo unless authorized by the owner/developer of DietPi, it’s his intellectual property



For personal/thingiverse use, by all means go ahead. Share away :slight_smile:

However, if you plan to sell any items that contain our logo, and, receive a profit, we will need to discuss this. Please contact me with further details of your suggestions/ideas, maybe we can work something out:

I made this in Fusion360. Still a work in progress but you get the idea

I will not be using it for anything specific really it was just something i did as a graphic for an article im writing.

The design is 5cm tall from the top leaves to the bottom and 1cm in width. The leaves and eyes and node are depressed inward 2mm making the inner height 0.8cm

Awesome! I guess the eyes could be smoothened a bit, but looks great. I still have an SVG draft here, not made by me, always wanted to finalise it and redo our logos on website etc based on it. This would be also a much better basis for a 3D graphics than the PNG.