Dashboard page wont load

Hi all,

I just installed the DietPi Dashboard.
I chose the option to only allow on another machine as in I dont want to view it on the Pi itself as its headless.
But when trying to access from another pc the IP:5252 nothing shows.

If I do systemctl status dietpi-dashboard it is up and running.
I see:

Apr 11 20:11:29 AdGuard dietpi-dashboard[1141]: INFO  [warp::server] Server::run; addr=
Apr 11 20:11:29 AdGuard dietpi-dashboard[1141]: INFO  [warp::server] listening on

Can anyone help me what I’m missing? Or did I chose the wrong option?
How can I change it if I have to?

EDIT backend only node is what I selected…
I have re-installed and all good, my bad

Yes correct, if you are using a single instance of the Dashboard, you would need to use the full version. The backend could be used if you have 2 or more Dashboard instance running. There you could control all Dashboard from a single system. :slight_smile: