Curl: (6) Could not resolve host: and system time off

Hi team,

My Pi suddenly cannot resolve hosts anymore (no internet connection) and I also noticed that the system time is off (probably by the amount when the error happened)

At the time of writing this, it is 5th Nov 11.23pm but my Pi shows 4th Nov 02:56am.

I don’t know how to trouble shoot as I didn’t change anything but things stopped working suddenly.

Not sure if it could be related, but I am running backup and sync to a second HDD daily and could only suspect the system stopped around the time while the back or sync was running.

I was noticing system hangs roughly once a week but couldn’t trouble shoot due to missing logs after restart and I couldn’t SSH in to see why the Pi was unresponsive.

All a bit vague but I would appreciate some pointers.


Changed the NTP mirror to gateway.

System time is now correct after reboot and resolving works again.

All good again.

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@Totila: I had a comparable issue on using Virtual Machines in a suspended state of the host system. In this case the time of the VM is not updated immediately, typically (via dietpi-config, advanced options) it is set to update the time once per day.
My change was to set the time sync to the option “Daemon + drift” to have a more quicker time synchronization after a suspended state. Another option was to change the time synchronization option via dietpi-config to have it updated once (every change in the configuration updates the time/date once).