CUPS - Printer "Status unavailable"


I’ve tried to share a label printer on CUPS over my network so everyone can print from their windows 10 machines to it.

I’ve got a dot matrix printer connected to it which seems to connect fine, haven’t tried printing anything to it yet as unsure how but it connects.

I’ve also got a network printer I’ve re-shared over CUPS which is printing fine as well

My issue is that I’ve got a Zebra ZD420D connected to CUPS via USB and shared it and every time I go into windows and select it then it says “Connecting” and then changes to “Status unavailable”.

Any ideas what could be causing that? Thank you!


many thanks for your message. I guess your printer is not supported on Debian based OS

Probably you need to contact Zabra support to get clarity.


Thank you for the reply, the ZD420D is capable of EPL 2 and ZPL 2 printer languages which CUPS also supports so I can’t see there being an issue on that front

sorry I can’t say more than stated on the manufacturer web site. There is no support for Debian listed.