Cuberite server

im using a latest dietpi version and im getting error on cuberite server icant start this app its getting error

sudo: ./Cuberite: command not found

how can i fix this ?

( sorry for my bed england :smiley: )


many thanks for your request. Usually Cuberite is started as service during boot and it is not needed to start it manually. Pls can you check if the service is running fine.

systemctl status cuberite.service

i cant run this app getting error

root@DietPi:/mnt/dietpi_userdata/mc# sudo ./Cuberite
sudo: ./Cuberite: command not found

The executable is located at /mnt/dietpi_userdata/cubrite/Cuberite, but it is not meant to be executed manually when you want to have the server running in background as service with all config files loaded and safe permissions. Please use the systemd service for this: systemctl restart cuberite
If it fails to start, check logs: journalctl -u cuberite or systemctl status cuberite as suggested by Joulinar.

If you run it on an RPi 1 or Zero or Zero W, the current version indeed dropped support for those models (ARMv6):

As a workaround a current ARMv6-compatible binary has been build by a community member:
Good to be remembered that I wanted to add this to our install code.

yes, basically you are trying to start it from incorrect folder /mnt/dietpi_userdata/mc

There is also a typo in our directory that was obviously never recognised, cubrite instead of cuberite. I’ll leave it like that for v6.32 and fix it for v6.33 :slight_smile:.

thanks a lot ! its working :open_mouth:

im not install on dietpi-software im installed on cuberite website. thanks

I would recommend to use dietpi-software. It’s much more easier and we are able to support you. If you install it yourself, we are limited.