Crypto Mining

Is anyone aware on any ways to install a program on a dietpi device. I don’t run a desktop and only use SSH to access my device. I would like to use the idle processor time on it to mine something like ethereum but any raspberry pi tutorials I try all fail. I’m not to skilled at Linux which is why I am asking for help.

Thank you.

Don’t see a arm version of ethereum

There is this
Which led me here

There looks to be no easy way to install…

Damn. Thanks WarHawk. I couldn’t find an easy way to install it either. All tutorials for raspberry pi didn’t work. I just wish I could find a use for the idle cpu on my odroid.

Ever hear of BOINC and seti@home?

Honestly, you would be wasting your time.

The amount of CPU power in any SBC (that I know of) wouldnt solve a single hash in time to make it worth it.

Basically you would be racing GPU’s to try and find a problem, but they would win every time which will trigger the pool to send you new work. and it would repeat over and over.

So in a sense you would just be creating heat … there would be no contribution to the pool at all.

Better off to find a different CPU task for your idle time… like a TOR node or something?

Right…I run a TOR relay on my old RPi B, it struggles with CPU sometimes…